5 Things Keeping Me Inspired

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s another rainy day in Northern California and I’m beyond excited for the upcoming weekend. Today I thought I would share a few things that have been keeping me inspired, growing and moving forward. There’s nothing quite like the items that make you take a deep breath, rethink your processes, and remind you that life is full of good and beautiful things.

Keep reading for 5 nuggets of inspiration after the jump!

The work of suite one studio: Remember last week when I spoke about loving the blush tones and blues that were coming to market? I stumbled upon the work of suite one studio last week and am amazed. The choice of glazes and metallics on this pottery is stunning. I’m thinking a few statement pieces for special spring dinners and Easter would be perfect. I love the use of soft blush tones and am inspired to push my use of color in current work.

This appalachian inspired picnic: Being from the South, I’m learning to embrace my roots and heritage in different ways. More than anything, I’m enjoying being around people from different cultures and nations, and rewriting many of the misconceptions that comes with saying you’re from Kentucky. I digress. Beth from Local Milk is always on point with her styling and this picnic is reminding me of the rolling hills and backwoods of home. When warmer days come, I’ll be reenacting this beautiful moment. Now where’s the fried chicken and biscuits?

Trying to get ahead?: It always seems that feel behind when it comes to research, site improvements, and updates optimizing my tech. This article about 5 ways to use Google tools was super informative and something I’ll continually refer to as reference. One more way to stay on top of things.

New portfolio work by Corina: The use of blue and blush in this portfolio piece is stunning. More than anything I’m always amazed at how Corina stays true to her voice and aesthetic while working for a variety of clients. With the addition of gold foil and illustration, this branding remains simple with a note of whimsy perfect for any bakery.

Humanae by Angelica Dass: Featured at TED2016, this artist is exploring the Pantone colors attached to skin. With a timely project, discovering new facets of color in skin and daringly talking about ethnicity and race found in the nations around the world.

What are things that have been keeping you inspired?


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