5 Tips for Better International Travel

We’ve all been on that trip. You know the one I’m talking about. The day starts out great. But then it feels more like the airport dash from Home Alone than anything else. So how do you travel internationally with a bit more ease? Today, we’re sharing a few of our go-to tips that change everything.

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Pack at least 2 days prior to your trip.
When traveling internationally, there’s always the last minute things you must slip in your bag. However, there’s definitely items that can be done ahead. 3 days prior to travel, we complete all the laundry and clean our house. This includes meal prep prior to leaving and giving the space a thorough clean and change of linens. 2 days out we take care of pulling all the items for our trip, handling international use of credit cards, passports, and cell phones. Because of this, we don’t misplace  passports or loose large sums of cash.

Use your phone to the best of its advantage.
We always have on our phone plan an international day pass. This simply means that whenever we are traveling internationally, there is a simple day fee automatically added. It keeps things simple, our lives automated, and allows us to use apps and stay connected with those we are meeting upon arrival. We live by Google maps and make sure to download the app for the airline we’re flying on prior to the drive to the airport.

Sleep on the plane (and pack some natural melatonin)
All the movies on the plane? Yes, they’re definitely tempting to watch one after the other. However, we always try to get six hours of sleep when on our flight. It’s close to a full night and even if broken up allows us to hit the ground running when we land at our destination. Most of jet lag is mental, so we prep accordingly with the hours on the plane.

Pack and plan for toilettes in the air. 
I know this sounds crazy, but it’s so, so important. I also pack hand sanitizer, Oral B whisps, deodorant, and face wipes. It makes all the difference when in flight and keeps you feeling fresh when you land. We always pack an extra shirt for the trip and change out in the bathroom. (For us, when we land in Paris, we’re headed straight to dinner with the family. It truly makes the most sense.)  We alway wear a scarf that functions as a pillow/blanket when on the plane. (Also spray it with a bit of perfume so if the plane begins to smell, you can breathe through your scarf.)

Stay hydrated.
Fighting jet lag is a real thing. Pack a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your day of travel. At every airport simply refill it or place it in your bag for the flight once you’ve cleared security. When we fly internationally, we typically must plan for at least 24 hours of travel. This means we’re focused on getting as much water and activity in possible at each and every layover. (Including stretching while we are on the plane and asking for full bottles of water from the flight attendant. 

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