5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Over the past two weeks Instagram has continued to rollout features that has most creatives and small business owners cringing at the results. With a crackdown on bot comments, fake following, and favoring personal accounts over businesses, many of us are trying to figure out the game. What will it take to feel successful, increase engagement, and build your account?

Keep reading for 5 fresh ways after the jump!

1. Keep posting great stuff.

While engagement is king, it’s time to remember why you started posting on Instagram. I looked back at the start of my feed from over 6 years ago. My first Instagram post was a picture of the Seattle space needle, complete with a Nashville filter and rounded black corners. Since then, my feed has come far, incredibly far. Ask yourself what moments of Instagram feel full of life and fun, rather than solely work. Begin to enjoy posting and take photos that you live. Find moments where Instagram has come full circle and write what feels true to you.

2. As Instagram rolls out features, use them.

Instagram loves when you use their new features as they rollout. To increase engagement use the GIFS, stickers, and stories highlights. Make sure to check out Mark Zuckerberg’s latest statement on the Instagram algorithm and begin to adjust your strategy. To keep views on your stories high, make sure to create custom highlights that are on brand and easy to read. (We love using smart icons for design and lifestyle brands.)

3. If you haven’t yet, start playing with live and video content.

With content, video and live video is king. Develop a content strategy for video and seasonal campaigns. I can’t recommend this enough. With a combination of Hypetype, Word Swag, Stories, and Lives, develop content that engages with your audience.

4. Start focusing on strong calls to action, writing to delight your ideal clients, and consistent content.

With Instagram changes, audiences are most likely feeling the same frustration that you are. Give them ways to engage by writing strong calls to action. Asking for a double tap, tagging friends in comments, or a specific prompt for your audience to comment on. Give clear directions to give your audience an idea of what to do, rather than mindlessly scrolling through a feed.

5. Authentically engage with the app.

Now more than ever, it’s important to find your voice and comment authentically to build community. Write captions that inspire, post images you love, and provide encouraging comments to others. Just like you would build relationships in person, engage with others in this online community authentically. Provide generous comments, ditch the emojis and comments that could feel like bots, and build relationships bit by bit.

Other tips and tricks:

  • In Instagram Stories, ask followers to turn on push notifications to see you posts. Provide incentive by offering a giveaway and tracking entries in comments on your latest post. This is easily done by offering step by step instructions in stories.
  • If you’re looking for more engagement with hashtags, begin placing a few at the end of your captions rather than placing within the comments.
  • Link your Instagram Live and Facebook Live, this will allow your video content to have a longer shelf life. Use Live video as a way to begin offering generous and valuable content to your users.

Are there any tips or tricks you’re using to increase engagement on Instagram? Any tips for content strategy?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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