Behind the Brand: Why did I choose Glisten and Grace?

Arete. Filled with light and life. As I began a process of launching the blog and choosing a similar name for my design studio I knew a few things. I would appeal to women somewhat like myself. I was dedicated to radical intentionality, generosity, and transforming ordinary moments that fill our days into something meaningful, giving life joy and purpose. More than anything I wanted women to learn to embrace the imperfections in life. I wanted content to feel authentic and hit the note of vulnerability and truth, grit and beauty, embracing the paradox that happens when life no longer looks like a Pinterest feed.

A bit more into our naming process.

Yesterday we shared 5 steps when it comes to naming our brand. We followed our steps and knew we wanted the word grace within our name. Not only for the message given to women, but as a former pastor I wanted the ability to transfer and apply the brand in a faith sector if that transition afford itself the opportunity. By adding the word “Glisten,” we chose to add a moment of femininity and flair. With Glisten and Grace paired together, there was alliteration that rolled off the tongue and was true to our message.

Our story is simple.

Over the years I have learned that living well takes practice and loads of intentionality. In the land of Pinterest perfect images and a constant influx of a new standard of perfectionism, I thought an honest approach to life, one that can be lived beautifully and simply, is much needed. There’s something about looking at our flaws, finding beauty in the imperfections, and realizing we are all perfectly imperfect. It’s with this grace that I build and curate the life a love. There’s incredible beauty in acknowledging where we are, learning lessons, and moving forward.

So here’s to embracing our little quirks, nuances, details, and the incredibly mundane moments. And here’s to permitting ourselves the grace for improvement, dreaming dreams again, to taking little steps forward, stargazing, beautiful conversations, great cups of coffee, midnight dance parties, big bear hugs, and savoring the small, seemingly minute moments that provide purpose and meaning to our lives.



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