Branding Basics: How do I name my business?

When it comes to branding, there are many components. Above all else, names, logos, and typography are the containers for your message and your story.  As you start a business, there are many components and questions to navigate. Today we decided to share a bit of the process of naming and developing brands prompted by a dialogue from our workshop last week. If you’ve wondered how to get started and find yourself stuck, these are some great questions that will jumpstart your creativity as you name your business.

Keep reading for our five tips after the jump!

1. What are you trying to communicate? A name is more than a name. As a company it should link to your core values, mission, and vision. If you’re going to use your first and last name as a business owner, have a good reason why.

Ask yourself:

-What are my core values?
– What are the non-negotiables for the way I do business?
– How are/will these currently expressed in our daily operations?

2. Make a list. Once you know where you’re headed, begin by listing and brainstorming 50 names for your business. It helps me to set a timer for 30 minutes to keep things moving and not overthink anything too much. Once your list is complete it’s time to narrow down your list. Pick your top five choices.

Ask yourself:

-Does this name embody the customer experience and message of my business?
-Could I explain the why behind this name in 30 seconds or less? (your elevator pitch)
– How does this name tell my brand story?

3. Look at the sources. Is this name available as a Instagram username? Is the domain name available? How will this name work on social media platforms and in a variety of applications? Is it easy to say or understand? Put your five options through this process and narrow down your choices.

Ask yourself:

– Do have any direct competition with similar names?
– Is this domain name available?
– Is the handle available on social media platforms?

4. Time to make it official. 

When it comes to naming a business, most companies will require that you file a fictitious name statement with the county that you are operating business in. (These policies vary state to state with legislation.) Make sure to file this prior to opening a business and secure your business licence in the county. (This is a required step if you are working with tangible product, goods, or a physical location.)

5. Secure it online.

Once you’ve made your name legal, go ahead and secure your name on social media profiles. I recommend securing your handle on all social media platforms, even if you won’t be using them often. This way you have them and no one else can use them. Purchase your domain and get to work building your accounts!

Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue this column explaining how we chose “Glisten & Grace” as the name for our blog and business. See you then!

Ready to step up your brand? Are you struggling to build a brand, craft a message, and build a sustainable customer base? We hear you!

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