I Caved…Going Vinyl 101

Every time I have a big purchase to make, I like to do my research. I read through product reviews and blog posts. This Christmas, I wanted a record player and with my birthday right around the corner it seemed time to start my research. There have been some definite pros and cons with the switch to record life, but it has definitely been worth it.

Here was my criteria for going vinyl.

I wanted something simple and modern.

Forget the antique leather vibes or trendy colors, I wanted something that could last for years. Opting for a lacquered white, Everything on the player is absolutely essential, minimal, and perfect for what I wanted.

The preamp needed to be built in.

When I decided to purchase a record player, I wanted quality but minimal investment. I wanted to try it out and then figure out if I loved it, if I would build out a record collection, etc. Because of this, I wanted to purchase minimal components. Finding a record player with a preamp built in was essential.

Speaker quality was an issue. 

As I read reviews, it seemed that speaker quality was a really big deal when it came to record players with speakers built in. While I knew that many record players came with Bluetooth availability, I didn’t want to put more strain on an already 5 year old Jambox. I opted to choose a record player that came with a set of matching speakers. The quality is great for our little townhome and I’ll probably upgrade when this record player.

vinyl 101

Record Player | Brandi Carlile The Firewatcher’s Daughter| Johnny Swim Georgica Pond |
She & Him Classics | Mumford & Sons Babel | The Loft Sessions | Brian & Jenn After All these Years

Have you made the switch to vinyl? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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  • Hi there! I recognize this is a super odd request, and I’m hoping you see it! I found this post because I have been searching high and low for two years now for a Vinyl Record of Johnnyswim’s Georgica Pond, which I’m hoping to purchase because it’s my fiancé and my first dance song at our wedding.

    We can’t seem to find it anywhere (we even reached out to the band to see if they had any extras lying around that we could purchase), but I see that you may have a copy. If this is in fact a real copy, and the owner might be willing to sell it to a couple who is desperate to have one little piece of their wedding go to plan (thanks COVID!), we would be absolutely thrilled and grateful. If not, so sorry for the weird post. 🙂 Hope you’re well, and your website is beautiful!