Dear Millennials: May Your Life Be Experienced

In a new series, Dear Millennials, I share simple thoughts for my generation. Over the past decade millennials have gotten a bad wrap. I realized this in the past week as I found myself listening into the dialogue of a baby boomer in a crowd of millennials. Found in a conference setting, the dialogue came from the heart of a leader longing to teach submission, honor, and leadership to a room full of millennials. That dialogue led to the development of this column.

“I believe life should be experienced, not solely curated.”

I found myself in a Q & A at a studio space, and this simple statement came out of my mouth. What if you let go of the need to capture everything and experienced it instead? Some of my favorite moments in film are where they choose to use their hands mentally and physically motioning that of a the clicking of a camera. Whether it was between Rory and Logan on the Gilmore Girls or in The Notebook, there’s something wildly poetic about experiencing life without the need to capture it. It’s simple, beautiful, and wildly mysterious. It’s life well lived without remaining open to the comments, engagement, and input of others. It’s refreshing and rare. There’s life meant be be lived in the private, secret moments that fill our days. The squeeze of a lover’s hand, the gatherings and meals where conversation goes on for hours, the sunsets that are far more beautiful than any image that can be captured. I remember sitting down at meals, dates overlooking the river, and windows rolled down on the open road. Many times, people would I ask me if I wanted to capture it for the blog, and my answer was a resounding no. Why? Because parts of my life are for me, rather than for an audience to consume.

Past the feed, the thousands of followers, engagement rates, and link in profiles, may you find the bravery to lead a simple and content life. Love others well, lend yourself in generosity, and experience the fullness of your days. Some days curate the scenes you love. Other days open up your senses and choose to live open. Open to the love, the laughter, joy, tears, and sadness that experiencing the fullness of life can bring.

If you’re a millennial, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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