Cozy Nights In: A Home Tour

Let’s be honest. After a few rainy days post holiday, winter can just feel long and the house somewhat bare. Am I right? With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you an updated home tour. Over the past week we’ve been watching the Tidying Up series on Netflix. Never before have we been so excited about folding things in our lives. The only exceptions to her method so far? Folding blankets because we love seeing all the tassels from a distance and I’m probably not thanking every item prior to putting it in a donate pile. This space has proven to be both the perfect amount of simplicity and coziness for the winter months. With the (much prayed for) rainy weather, there are elements I choose to keep out from the holiday decor keeping things cozy and perfect for long nights in.

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All the texture.

For the winter months, there are textiles we adore and swear by. Give us all the faux fur cozy throws, nubby tweeds, and chunky knits. This paired with wearing some of our favorite softies (we’re looking at you cashmere joggers and favorite tees), we’re set for a great night at home.

Warm drinks.

Think hot toddies and cocoa are just for the holiday season? Think again. We’re keeping some of our favorite loose leaf teas, coffees, and hot chocolate nearby for a delicious warm cup to start or finish the day. Placed in one of our favorite hand thrown mugs, we’re embracing slow with one of our latest purchases, the Stagg pour over. This guy is both stunning in product design and its functionality. With a weighted handle, it brings a steady stream of water without needing to balance the handle yourself. It truly makes all the difference.

All the candlelight.

With rain outside and all the christmas lights pulled down, there’s nothing like the beauty of candlelight or the soft glow of a fireplace for nights inside. Providing implicit warmth, our tv ledge and surrounding area is flanked by lanterns. To keep things cohesive among the collection, we’ve kept the palette simple with notes of wood, brass, and white candles.

Intentional vignettes.(Build your space for something other than TV and screens.) 

I always tell people I get more done in the winter months than I do for the rest of the year. This year I’ve set goals to read one book a month and to start decreasing the amount of screen time I use each day. Because of this, I’m setting up my spaces intentionally. This means, in each room I’m placing a book where I would normally place my phone. The phone stays on the entryway table at the start of the night and remains there until bedtime. Weights are placed within sight reminding me the importance of completing my 30 minutes of working out a day. This is a season built for days in, grinding it out, and deep work. You know all the things you’ve dreamed of, long to run after, and goals you’ve set? It’s time to do them dear ones, and have a space that compliments it all.

Adding some greenery.

It’s no secret that we love plants and are growing to keep all of our plants alive for a whole year. (I know it sounds strange, but it’s definitely a resolution for those of us with a black thumb over here. As a reward for organizing the whole house last weekend and doing a deep clean, I’m treating myself to a few plants, replacing the ones that died over the holiday travel season. There’s plans for airplants, palms, and snake plants, as well as a bit of fresh eucalyptus that will be foraged from a massive gum tree where we live. There’s nothing like fresh greenery and plants to brighten up a room and keep the air clean.

Tell me, how do you set up your space for wintertime? Anything in your home that stands out?

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