Dream Again. Heart Goals

The design studio wasn’t born out of ease. It was born out of necessity. With it cames loads of mess, risk, and trying to put my life together again. You see there’s a much, much bigger story than creating pretty content and making squares look beautiful. My brand was developed out of necessity. I was once a student pastor for 70 hours a week. That’s right, I was a pastor. (In my heart I was like Carl Lentz, but I really wore skinny jeans and Toms.) I liked my job, but then a change of season happened and it didn’t last. (This is super common in the church. A bummer, but common.) My other degree was in graphic design and interactive media, but it always felt like a Plan B. Luckily my backup plan and other major gave me a great skill set to rely on. No longer having a place of full-time employment, I needed to strike out on my own. With years of experience in design, I quickly realized I had no online representation. After a move across the country, I knew things needed to change. I could no longer rely on word-of-mouth to serve my business. Yet I was I needed to create a website quickly. I knew that I enjoyed writing immensely and loved providing creative direction to spaces, events, and shoots. The blog and design studio came out of a desperate place, one where I had to claim new ground and quickly. At the same time, it struck a chord within me unlike ever before. It was time to come out of hiding and instead to live loud again. To dream again, to show up on the stage of life, and to risk it all.

You see when I moved across the country, I had no idea how California would change me for the better. I was finally in a culture where people where like me. With it came a true mirror. By choosing to stop dreaming I had locked myself up, running away from purpose, and the very things that come alive. I knew it was time to dream again. For me, dreaming has since become second nature. I have lists of dreams, that in some ways are impossible and God-sized. Others are beyond manageable with a bit of strategy and creativity.

But can we have an honest moment, this year it’s more than S.M.A.R.T goals for me. It’s easy to create business plans, strategy, and growth projections for my company. What’s harder? Slowing down and focusing on moving forward in the places that terrify me. What about the goals that are tied to heart but have no measurable outcome or ROI? What about the places you’ll work and toil but might not ever achieve anything? Maybe you’ve made a list of resolutions miles long or maybe you’ve simply decided to focus on a few words for the year. More than S.M.A.R.T goals find the ones that hit your heart in the deepest place. Where they hit moments of triumph, victory, or even dare I say past pain, these goals go focus on them and run after them with everything you’ve got. Yes they’re deeper and come at greater cost; however, what is formed in its place? Something that is stunning in its beauty, regardless of the outcome.

Ready to dive in with me?

Here’s how to get started.

Look at a few categories:

  • Legacy
  • family
  • relationships
  • community
  • spiritual goals

Ask yourself.

What are you running after?

Are there any areas you’re choosing to avoid because of past pain?

Where is fear holding you back?

What are you saying yes to this year?

Is there an overarching narrative, theme, or word for my year?

Choose to refocus once a month and then again once again a quarter.

What worked? What didn’t? Is this still your focus or what things have evolved? What were the month’s wins? Where have you gotten off track? Is it the right timing or is there a natural pivot or change in season?

We want to hear from you! Let us know on Instagram stories by posting your heart goals and tagging #glistenandgracedream.

Cover image by Crist Blackwell



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