Currently Loving: Copper

With the onset of fall, back to school days, and cooler temps, comes a rollout of fresh colors and textures. One of my favorite trends this season is the addition of copper finishes added to home decor. Last year we saw the revival of rose gold for fall jewelry. This year, the trend has gone widespread throughout home furnishings. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving the gold trend, but am more than happy to embrace this new finish. Lately I’ve been playing with copper as vessels for floral arrangements, but I’m happy to take this a bit further with a few DIY projects around the house. Paired with deep greens, matte black, mahogany wood finishes, and concrete, it’s a color combination I absolutely loving.

currently loving copper

Copper Cookware | Lighting | Pour Over Kettle | Metal Basket | Notebook | Candlestick

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What are some of your favorite trends for fall?

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