Introducing the No Money Challenge

It all started out as a normal Monday. I worked out, made coffee, did some reading, sand got ready for the day. I packed up my bag and headed to the office. Then my business partner and came in and made a statement that stopped me in my tracks. It was simple, but stunningly provocative. She stated, “I’m going to try to spend no money this week.” As soon as I heard this, I immediately became reflective. “Could I do it? Is this something that I could accomplish?” I received it as my personal challenge for the week.

What started as an initial thought, evolved into a choice. Then many more deliberate choices followed. How would I spend my time without spending money?  Would I find enjoyment and shared company of others? Would I have to isolate myself out of fear of spending nothing? Could I have a full and abundant life without it costing anything? I like to portray myself as a minimalist on social media, but also really love quality pieces and items that fill my day. As a millennial I relish in the cups of fine coffee, creating beautiful content on social media, and finding those picture perfect spots to fill my day. I have often equated these items as needs and necessities, for the sake of my work, rather than the wants that they truly are. Maybe it’s a first world or entitled mentality, but there was something about knowing regardless of the season in life or whatever the financial picture was at the time, if I could always have a great cup of coffee to start my day, I’d be fine and wouldn’t feel as if I was in lack.

It begs the question: Can I really have more while living with far less? Are our houses, closets, and communities full of everything we need and want, but we choose to opt for easy and excessive rather than finding contentment in our surroundings? If I filled my days with less things, less running from here and there, would I find more? More peace within myself, more contentment with beauty, and able to create with less boundaries? These are the exact questions I hope to answer while doing this challenge.

Check back next week as a share my day-by-day entries for the challenge.

Think you’re up for the challenge?  Join in, print off the card, and let us know how you’re doing with  #glistenandgracenomoneychallenge

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