Do Good. Be Good

It all started with shoe. Then came the jewelry, followed by housewares. Appealing to both the consumerism instinct within and my heart that longed for justice. More than anything in college I wanted to purchase items that I knew were doing good in the world. I purchased the shoes that were one for one, the shirts that gave to the the global fund for AIDS, and only purchased fair trade or ethically sourced jewelry. I spent my weekends hanging out with the homeless, my nights spent in a prayer house, and my afternoons mentoring high school students.

I wanted my life and my choices to do something and change the world around me.

I sat down last week after rereading this book and began to wonder. Over the last few years, I’ve focused on building a business, bringing in new clients, and establishing myself in a new city. While I have been able to create, come alive, and follow my passion. I’ve begun to reassess things. It’s brought about some thought provoking conversations about transition, core values, and purpose. I never started my business to make a name for myself, bring in a huge following, or have more clients than I could handle. Somewhere along the way, my focus has shifted. While I still firmly believe in what I am building in Redding, there’s something within me that is asking far deeper questions. More than a space with white walls or solely design, I’ve been probed with the question of purpose and value.

How do I bring hope and progress to where I’m at and change my present world for the better? As a creative, what is the balance between excellence and drive while being generous? How do I carry myself relationally, taking care of myself, and care for the lives of those around me?

In the middle of a year where much of the world feels polarizing, it is never frivolous to celebrate beauty, show up with amazing work, or bring civic change to the place you call home. More than anything, I’m reminded of the responsibility I have and the weight I carry. As a creative, I not only want to produce great and brilliant work to the world. I want to be change. To feel the gravity of the time in which I live, bringing light, hope, and honesty to the world. I want to do good and be good. I want to create without limits, love without condition, and have the courage to show up everyday. More than anything, I want to be okay with caring deeply for the things around me. In my life’s work, I’m about going after more.

More grace. More optimism. More creativity. More influence. More honesty. There’s something incredible about bravery, courage, and actually giving back to the place in which we live. More than the purchases we make or the shoes on our feet, it’s about intention. How we spend our resources, cultivate our relations, and innovate every step of the way. Maybe you’ve gotten caught up as well. Maybe you’ve forgotten why you started all of this in the first place.

Today, do good and be good.

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