Dreaming of Green Space

After being in our townhome for 8 months, there are a few improvements we can’t wait to make. As people that love being outside our small patio space has been crying out for help since we have moved in. Initially, we thought forget it. With a poorly maintained fence by the property company and a space of less than 10 x 10 square feet, what was the point? That and we live in a rental, does it really matter? As time went on, we discovered that we would spend a lot of money at coffee shops just to be outside.  It was time to make this space a reality.

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A few things we absolutely love and will be are essential to creating the space. We are loving a clean, simple, and neutral palette. Our fence will be the backdrop and is something we can’t change. Knowing this, we’re embracing the grey-brown color of the aged wood. With the addition of matte black mid century containers, white, green of plants, and various wood textures, the patio will remain modern and minimal.

We love string lights. We haven’t had a party without them in years, so there will definitely be a few strings for nights outside. For seating, we will keep things small, with a set of bistro table and chairs. Depending on budget, we might add an additional bench with pillows. We love plants, but know we could spend our entire budget on plants. Instead, we’re going to propagate succulents we already have. In our climate, succulents are perfect for the intense heat. The other greenery we blend form and function. We will DIY some modern tiered terracotta planters and fill them with all kinds of herbs. For summer, we want to add a grill for outdoor cooking. Do have dreams of grilled stone fruit salads, grilled pineapple sauces, and vegetable kabobs. A grill is a necessary addition. We’re still going back and forth between the charcoal and gas debate and haven’t figured out exactly where we land.

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Cover image by Megan Pflung

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