Soak and Swim: Top Swimwear Picks

Ahh…swimwear season. We kind of have a love/hate relationship. Many of you know the same feeling. You thought you were doing well, hitting the gym with frequency, and eating all the good things your body desired. Then comes swimwear season and it has you questioning things. (I’ll be honest, there have totally been times I’ve tried on a swimsuit and then started doing 50 crunches, squats, and high jumps in the fitting room just to make me feel better about the way things were looking in the mirror.) The plus side, with a suit in the right fit and right places, trips and adventures become easy. Find the perfect suit? Then throw on a pair of torn shorts and a loose tank, and feel awesome about yourself.

Keep reading for my top swimwear picks that will leave you feeling and looking awesome!

Over the past year, I’ve discovered a few things. The big box stores and bathing suits just don’t work for me. It’s not that I have a super hard body type to fit, it’s just that the suits are fair more itty bitty than I would prefer. You’ll find me in my suit doing all sorts of things. Swimming laps in the lake, kayaking, paddleboarding, or floating down the river. Needless to say, I do far more than tanning. My suit needs to move with me. Also, in NorCal we use our swimsuits long and hard, for around 6-9 months a year. Quality comes with the nature of the season and I’ve found that with swimwear you get what you pay for.

As I began my search for this year’s swimwear purchase I came upon some great discoveries. There are companies that are making suits for an active lifestyle. Dare I even say they look cute, fit great, and stay in place? Made for women with real bodies and more than tanning in mind. Below are some of my top swimwear picks for this year. I decided to splurge and pick up the striped top and high waisted black bottoms from Albion Fit.


Basic black suits: Albion Fit
Palm and Striped Top: Albion Fit
Floral Peplum Tankini: Anthropologie
Contrast bow one piece: Albion Fit
Vintage Inspired Polka Dot one piece: Anthropologie

What are your swimsuit picks for this season?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below.

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