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Recently I spent a Saturday, not unlike most of my Saturdays. My heart was ready to escape the city, find my feet along the dusty trail, and to push myself a bit further. Earlier in the summer I had made it my goal to summit Mt. Lassen and I was so excited to find the company of a few friends to join me. With snacks in hand we hit the road for a day of hiking. It was an adventure I loved and will be repeated in the near future. My heart found exactly what it needed in the company of great people, as I journeyed above the tops of the pines.


We headed to the summit trail at Mt. Lassen and ended up adventuring in the crater for an additional mile.


Our day found scenic views, blue skies, and the perfect fall temperatures for a day’s climb. My summer adventure list has extended into fall and I’m beyond thrilled to mark this one off the list. (For the full list click here)


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