Farm to Table: A Q&A with Haverton Hill Creamery

It’s no secret that California is known for its produce and agriculture around the world. Just an hour south of Redding, you’ll find loads of farmland as you drive towards San Francisco. When I connected with Missy and Joe of Haverton Hill over Instagram, I knew I wanted to visit the creamery and learn how the were using sheep’s milk in a handpacked product.

First, let’s talk about sheep’s milk.

“Do we really need another kind of milk?” I hear you. However, after doing a bit of research the stats in favor of sheep milk is staggering. Not only is this milk great for those with a cow’s milk or goat milk intolerance, but it offers triple the protein and additional nutrition that other milks don’t. The result? An amazing product that offers far more nutritional benefits and is great for those with food sensitivities.


The creamery.

Located on 10 acres, the creamery is a simple setup, anchored by a beloved 1930s house that has been renovated with modern farmhouse vibes. Farm life is the norm with cats and dogs, not to mention 3 sweet little ones.

Once located on 400 acres in Petaluma, they decided a simpler life was best. Around a year ago, they moved to Tehama county, focused on the creamery side of the business.


Proof that a smart and lean business can be the best.

By making the decision to move north, the creamery was able to have focus and maintain its milk supply. When I arrived to their home and creamery, I was somewhat surprised. Every product is made and produced from a small space (technically a licensed plant micro creamery). One is the creamery and production room. The other is a walk-in freezer, milk testing lab and restroom. Inside the production room,  you will find a pasteurizer, milk vat, commercial mixer, and ice cream freezer. It is from this single room that they are able to package and distribute to major wholesale suppliers and service in-person events. (If you live in CA or the PNW, you can purchase your own pint of ice cream, carton of sheep’s milk, or butter from Whole Foods.)

For Missy and Joe, it was a simple decision and has been wildly successful. At one time they had many employees. By focusing on the creamery, they were able to hone in on product development, production, and distribution. Missy loves it. She says, “It allows me to be a working-stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy. It’s a lot of work. But I love that my kids get to see this and be apart of it. They learn the value of hard work and get to watch their parents do what they love. We have been able to offer the market an amazing product and see success early on. Sheep’s milk is used frequently in cheese, but is rarely commercially packaged in a bottle. With it’s health benefits, I quickly asked why it wasn’t being done and knew we could do it. Joe’s background was in dairy and creamery equipment. He started out repairing equipment. Then it evolved to both a dairy and the creamery. Now we’re focusing on the creamery. It works with our life and the season of our family, yet gives us space to grow and evolve.”

For locals, have you entered our giveaway? Head to our Instagram to enter. You can try Haverton Hill Creamery yourself by entering or visiting Gather marketplace in Redding to grab your own.

For those calling the Pacific Northwest home, Haverton Hill product is available at all Whole Foods locations.

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