Foraged Peony Arrangement

When it comes to May, one of my favorite parts of the month is when the peony crop rolls in. This year, it was a few weeks later than normal due to the rain. There’s something about peonies. With full blooms and soft and delicate petals, it is a flower that makes a big visual impact and exudes femininity, plain and simple. Last years these flowers stole the show at our sangria and tapas party. This year, they’re a bit more understated in this foraged arrangement.

Keep reading for the full how-to after the jump!


  • Low and wide mouth vase
  • Sharp kitchen sphears
  • Bunch of peonies (we purchase ours from Trader Joes for around $6.99 a bunch)
  • Foraged greenery and blooms


Begin by going foraging for your greenery. I always take a bucket and my shears with me to collect the greenery as I go. For this arrangement, I focused on getting a variety of texture and some pink blooms with a variety of scale. With a quick walk around the townhome property I was able to find plenty of greenery to make a beautiful arrangement.

Next, fill your vase halfway with water. Using your shears, trim the stems of the greenery at a 45 degree angle. Place the greenery in creating a base for the larger blooms. (The hibiscus we had with the palm-like leaves was perfect for this and could bear the weight of the peonies once they bloomed. I keep the smaller pink wildflowers as vertical pieces to add in after the peonies giving the arrangement more balance and height. Trim peonies and place. Add wildflowers and make sure the arrangement looks balanced and beautiful from a variety of perspectives.

Enjoy your beautiful arrangement and peonies for days!


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