Glisten and Grace E-Courses are Now Live!

We’ve promised it time and time, however it was time to bring these beauties to the world. It’s been a wild launch week, full of late nights and early mornings. However, can we tell you something? These e-courses will change the way you look at branding and Instagram with your business. Whether you’re building a personal brand, wanting to become an Influencer, or are simply looking for practical tools to improve your message, these courses are built with the budding entrepreneur and business owner in mind.

Because it’s time for stunning feeds and a brand that yields results.

We get it, a shiny logo, images on a feed, or a website, sometimes it’s the most frustrating part of business. Through this courses, you’ll be able to dive deep into the world of branding or Instagram. No longer satisfied with likes and engagement, it’s time to see results from the time you’re spending working on your business, right? We hear you. This courses are filled with valuable knowledge and will equip you to move forward, increase revenue, and fully utilize these tools in your business.

Built for kinesthetic and visual learners.

Built for hands-on learners in mind, we’ve structured learning environments based on deep work. What is deep work you ask? While you’ll find other e-courses filled with narrated talk decks and videos, here’s the reality behind these courses. You don’t have to slow down to consume the information. Modules are easy, multi-tasking can still occur as you’re engaging with the material. We’ve taken a variety of e-courses over the years and want to make sure you get every penny worth of your investment. These courses require reading, homework, implementation, and analysis. Every lesson builds on one another and will transform your business. We know the ways we learn best and wanted to offer the same level of experience to you, our dear readers.

Made by a business owner for business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

We get it. We’re business owners as well. (There’s a full design service with over 10 years experience behind these courses.) Here’s the honest truth. We started out our business loving design and just wanting people to pay us to do it. However, we quickly learned there was so much more to owning and operating a design studio than designing beautiful identities for businesses. There was so much no one told us. We’re taking over a decade of experience, learning things the hard way, and providing an all access pass to our expertise. Remember when we told you we are focused on results? What if we told you a feed of under 2,000 followers brings in 5-figures every year in recurring revenue and increases by $20,000 every year? We thought that’d grab your attention. Because vanity metrics, likes and “Wow, that’s so beautiful,” doesn’t pay the bills. It’s time to plan for 2019 and change the game. Let’s give your brand and Instagram the love it deserves.

What You’ll Get:

Each course contains 10-14 modules

Downloadable Workbook PDF

Exclusive Facebook community for accountability, critique, and connection

– Including live 1-on-1 coaching

– Available accountability partners as you work through the course (Say goodbye to ideation living in the silos)

–  PDF Bonuses including checklists, shot sheets, editorial content calendars, and charts.

Why wait? Invest now.


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