Hit the Trail: Kings Creek Falls Trail

During the busyness of Thanksgiving, launches, sales, and deals, we found a few moments to reprieve. While it’s always a fight to get away and get out of time, every time I visit Lassen National Park, I’m reminded of why I live here. Surrounded by beauty that’s quickly located an hour drive from my home, it’s wild and stunning all the same. As we drove on the windy roads, going up in elevation, and just as quickly moving off the grid, my heart was reminded this is the adventure I was made for.


Located in Lassen National Park, this trail is stunning during all the seasons, but when it’s late fall, it becomes beautiful in a completely different way. Running along the ridge of the mountains, it’s an easy hike of a 2.3 mile loop with steep stairs and incline going along the falls and returning back to the meadow floor.

Once you get to the falls, you’ll notice the stunning colors of surrounding pine. On the day we were hiking, it was a cool 45 degrees and we were losing light. We opted to hike the trail quickly and taking it in before the air got any cooler. We completed the hike in around an hour without much hustle.

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