Hit the Trail: Burney Falls

Burney Falls is a favorite where we live. (And one of my favorite spots to go when it’s hot outside.) The mist and sitting beside the falls feels amazing and around 30 degrees cooler than Redding. In summertime, it’s a welcome and much, much  needed relief. The trail is a loop and around 1.4 miles. It’s somewhat flat and minimal elevation change, keeping this trail approachable for any one, young and old alike. (I love bringing little ones here to discover nature and get really close to the falls.) It’s a great trail if you’re just getting into trail running as well.

On this given day, my parents were in town, and let’s be honest, we were all wanting to escape cell phone service. With an hour drive and coffee mugs in hand. We headed to Burney. The drive there is beautiful. Taking you through small NorCal towns, open fields, and state roads surrounded by stunning west coast pines, you quickly unwind, leaving the pressures of life behind. Regardless of how many times I return to hiking and shooting at Burney, the majesty of these falls still take my breath away. With every visit, I’m reminded of the privilege I have for this beauty to remain in my backyard. (The very places my family would fly to vacationing as a child is now the place I call home.) It’s never lost on me. To be able to share them with others? It’s the best.

From here, we took a quick drive over to Lassen and hiked around Manzanita Lake.

Where will your adventures take you this weekend?

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