A Holiday Home Tour

Embracing the newness of my home (you can read about the move and settling in here) and the first Christmas in this space, I was ready to embrace things that felt both classic and like a winter wonderland as well. While I didn’t flock my tree, it is cloaked with sprigs of fresh pine, california eucalyptus, and a few artificial golden berry sprigs. This paired with a soft palette of mixed metallics, whites, and blush, creates a lovely launch point throughout the space. My philosophy with Christmas decor is to focus on the central and most used spaces throughout a home first. By keeping a cohesive palette throughout and central idea, the space looks amazing without feeling overdone. I started by building out the tree and then carried elements throughout the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The Tree
Starting with a white faux fur tree skirt, our tree is a pre-lit white tree with a slim profile. How do make a store bought tree look amazing? It’s what you choose to add to it. Play with variety of color, texture, and scale in your ornaments. From glitter to gilded, we lay out all of our ornaments and organize them according to type. Needless we’re pretty strategic when it comes to placing ornaments. To fill out the remaining spots in the tree, we then add fresh sprigs and ornamental garland to the branches. We used some amazing crushed velvet blush ribbon and beaded garland as a finishing touch. The tree feels fresh, forward-thinking, and classic simultaneously.

The Table
Keeping things classic, the table was lined with a linen table runner from Crate and Barrel. It is a piece we invested in a few seasons ago and gets used often. The centerpiece is a simple fresh pine garland from Trader Joes that we cut to 4 ft. Carrying the palette from the tree, we added golden candle holders, sprigs of fresh eucalyptus, and a variety of bulbs. I truly believe nothing is better than nights by the candlelight. To finish it out, I placed 5 brass taper candle holders dispersed throughout the garland. When setting the table, we use our favorite every day white set and stemware. Balancing out other formal elements we finish the table with a knotted chambray napkin on each plate, lightly kissing the side of the table.

holiday decor on a budgetThe Bar
To keep things festive, we took a few extra ornaments and suspended the bulbs from the ceiling with fishing line. This hangs over the bar and carries the palette to the other side of the room. Finished out with bottle brush trees and copper fairy lights, the stage is set for a hot toddy and a favorite Christmas record.

The Living Room
While you won’t find us placing Christmas themed throw pillows everywhere, we love trading out our summer throws and adding thicker faux fur ones for the winter months. In our apartment, while filled with lovely rounded archways, lacks a holiday staple, a mantle. Knowing I wanted to hang stockings, I repurposed a blanket ladder from a bedroom. Adding an 8 foot fresh pine garland and securing to the ladder with floral wire, the ladder was finished out with additional bulbs, copper fairy lights, and eucalyptus sprigs. To hang the stockings, a piece of floral wire was woven through the top of the knit and wrapped around the rung of each ladder. To finish out the ladder, two throws in a copper woven basic are placed for all the cozy vibes and winter night snuggling.

The rest of the room is filled with candle, lanterns, additional garland, and bottle brush trees on the TV ledge.

The Kitchen
Changing out the letter board with a holiday quote, adding a strand of fairy lights, and bit of greenery to a small copper colander, our copper collection looks absolutely stunning. When in doubt in the kitchen, keep things simple and thoughtful. A little bit goes a long way. This ledge serves as a moment of visual impact in the kitchen and allows form to marry function throughout the rest of the space (because let’s be honest, glitter in food is the worst).







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