Home Is.

Home. For me over the past week or so, this word has become weighted in more ways than I could imagine. Last weekend, home shifted and a quick move was required. While there’s a light there, I’m not quite ready to dive into that full story. At some point I might, but not for now. However, as I’m settling into my new place I’m enjoying the way it feels. More than anything, there’s something about the quiet, the safety, and the peace it offers. (Not to mention the stunning mountain and river views outside my kitchen window.) Tonight as the sun sets and I’m writing this post, I’m learning that Finding Home (and the first purchase) is now a bit further off, but I’m finding a fresh grace for exactly where I am in this season.

Every time I find myself in a new space, I lean into what I desire my home to be. With this new space, I can’t wait to see the gatherings that happen, the meals that will be shared, and the lives that will be impacted as community is built in a sense of rest. When work happens from a sense of rest, far more can be accomplished. Feel free to download this image and print it off, showcasing it in your home.

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