When it comes to being a millennial, there’s some basic life skills everyone needs to have. I personally believe making an excellent cup of coffee is one of them. When hosting people in your home, there’s something about offering them a great cup, far past the days of drip coffee your mom made. Regardless of where I go, there’s one thing guaranteed. There will probably always be a good cup of coffee in hand.

Keep reading for how to make the perfect pour over!

The Setup

When making a pour over, having the right tools is absolutely necessary. The essence behind pour overs is the precision and the science of the time, weight, and grind of the coffee. Everything is weighed in the process to the tenth of an oz. Let’s start by getting the right tools.

Here are our tools of choice:

Kalita Wave Dripper 185

Bonavita Electric Neck Kettle

Conical Burr Grinder

Kalita Filters

Digital kitchen scale to the 10th of an ounce

Soma Filter

Locally roasted coffee (our choice, Scout Coffee Ethiopia Tencho Co-Op)

The Process

Begin by filtering water and placing in your kettle. (My favorite feature on the Bonavita is the precision. It holds water at a given temperature for up to an hour before automatically turning off.) Weigh out coffee to 21 grams. Grind coffee at desired setting. (Make sure to gauge how much coffee is actually yielded from the grinder, keeping the weight correct.) Place your filter into the Kalita and pre-wet thoroughly. Empty the water in the cup and remaining water in the Kalita. Carefully place coffee into the center and give it a gentle shake leveling out the grounds. Make sure to not get any grounds on the side of the filter. Place the cup and pour over setup on top of the scale. Start the timer (I use my iPhone) and begin pouring for the Bloom phase. (This is where the coffee begins absorbing the water) Work your way out to pre-wet all the ground. It should weight approximately 42g of water for the bloom. Let stand for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds begin in the center again and work out to the space of a quarter. By 1:00 there should be 100 grams of water. From this point on you should increase the water by 50 grams every 15 seconds until arrive at 300 grams by 2 minutes. Let the remaining coffee slowly drip through until it completely drips out. The total time for your pour over process should be around 3 minutes.

Enjoy your amazing, quality pour over and know you’ll host your friends like a boss. (That and imagine how much money you will save not going to coffee shops. You can save hundreds, I promise.) 

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