There’s something about being one of those type-A, driven, and achieving types. It’s easy to plow through a list of tasks and go no-stop. Honestly, it’s invigorating. I love it. It’s a race against the clock, a beautiful competition in excellence, and ways to out run, out shine, and beat my personal best every time. There’s a strange thrill of out it, putting my creative juices out into the world, knowing I’ve killed it. This past month has been that for me. One that has pushed me to my limit and has left me with the similar exhaustion of seeing a little creature launched into the world. (Not quite, but you get the idea.)

This week I’ve discovered the importance of finding a rhythm. It is rare that in a summer season, I’ve had to force myself to take a day off, but it seems that in this month it has been a necessity. In college, we had moments where we were encouraged to sign up for rest days. I think at the time most of our campus thought it was somewhat ridiculous and didn’t buy into the idea at all. I’m beginning to understand the importance of rest. Even calendering it in if I must. Just as much as my body longs to achieve, my heart craves solace with my Creator, the beauty of not being in a rush, and finding space that feels open and free. Nothing is planned, but it is peaceful and just as purposeful.

What does rest look like in the busy days, full of decisions, negotiations, and start ups? Can rest only happen when all the boxes are checked my list, the chores are completed, and the sink is empty? I’m finding that my rhythm includes that pause. The downbeat that creates the replenishment my soul so greatly desires.

Here are a few tricks I’m learning (how to find your rhythm too!).

Sometimes going somewhere to replenish is great. (And sometimes being at home is just as great.)

There are certain Sunday mornings where the struggle to get to 8:00 AM church is all too real. While I love starting my day there and find benefit from going, there are other mornings where sleeping in, enjoying a cup of coffee, and spending time with my Creator is just a beneficial. It’s okay to not always be where other people (and yourself) think you should be.

Disconnect and unplug. (Yes that means shutting things down for a bit.)

I’ve been one who has been known to encourage going analog, but rarely do it. Throughout the month, you would find me glued to my phone. I was trying to keep up with details and logistics that were finding their way onto my screen and into my life constantly. On Sunday evening I had left my phone charger at the office the day of our launch party and the inevitable happened. My phone died. No one could reach me. It was a much needed reprieve from my norm.

Schedule a day off.

A day to have fun, unwind, and relax. Even if it means being a bum on the couch for a few hours, reading a book, or taking a good nap, make sure to stop and have a day of rest. For my schedule I find that Saturday evening-Sunday evenings are the times where I relax, hang out with friends, and recharge. I typically use my Sunday evenings to blog, schedule, and do meal prep for the upcoming week. This gives me a solid block of 24 hours to rest.

Learn how you rest.

There have been seasons where resting from a full schedule meant being active, going on hikes, and catching the surf at 5 am. There have been other moments when watching Netflix and relaxing from home is what is most needed. Learn how you rest best and incorporate it into your weekly rhythm.

How do you incorporate rest into the rhythm of your life?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below.



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