Why I’m Choosing to Show Up in My Wardrobe this Fall

Over the past few years, I’ve been living in basics. There’s nothing like the ease and simplicity of a uniform when getting dressed in the morning. It’s been a source of predictability and comfort in it. Over the course of time, I found my wardrobe shifted to black, neutrals, and pieces that easily worked together. When I was feeling festive I would wear a black and white stripe. Feeling sporty? I’d add a denim jacket, baseball hat, and white sneaker. However, this fall, I’m ready for something that’s a bit different.

After a few years, I just blended in. While living on a student budget, basics were easier and simpler. I found myself gravitating to the same thing over and over again. Two weeks ago, I posted an ethical and editorial capsule. If anything, it is serving as both the mood board and sounding board for myself this season. There’s something beautiful in choosing to show up and stand out. I’ve had an odd relationship with fashion and beauty. It’s never been the foot I’ve wanted to lead with. I’ve seen the ways women are treated when they show up in forms of femininity. They’re only seen for a pretty face and looking nice. Because of this, I’ve largely skirted femininity and wanted to blend in. Look nice, but not too nice. Be okay with baseball hats and sneakers and unwashed hair just as much as the days where “you’re done up.” Rock natural beauty and self confidence just as much as the days where every wave and winged eyeliner is perfect. But more than anything now is the time to show up. In my 30th year, I’m finding a fresh wave of confidence and femininity like every before.  I’m ready to wear color, a true print, and the heels I have kept in my closet. I can’t wait until the weather gets cooler and layers are the norm.

Here’s to the days where I’m showing up and choosing to stand out. Here’s to the moments where femininity is fully expressed through both the form and function of beautiful clothes. As I learn, there will be moments of restraint. (You won’t find me rocking Gucci or Tory Burch anytime soon.) I will still source items from ethical companies I love, but I know I’m gravitating toward color, classic patterns, and fresh cuts.

How are you choosing to show up this season?

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  • Love this so much! I tend to find I’m good with a regular rotation for about a month then I feel the need to mix it up otherwise I end up in all black. Even though it still feels very much like summer in my area, I’m already mixing in oranges and deep greens for fall. Good luck with adding in more “you” to your wardrobe!!