Keep the Wild In You

I’ve always heard that life comes from discipline. It creates margin, space for spontaneity, play, and the fullness of life. It allows space for days off, adventure, photoshoots, and pauses for rest that are vital. In my world, this is something that I do far too well. I’m prone to routine. The days that are scheduled and bursting at the seams are the ones where I thrive. I love work and the purpose it brings to my life. But as fall has come, I’m learning a new value for the wildness of life. What does it look like to have refinement, but the same time mystery and something that feels a bit untamed? How does this part of the heart express itself in the midst of launch weeks, full schedules, and 17 hour days?

For many of you, you might have noticed that the blog has felt a bit quiet lately. It was necessary, creating breathing room and clarity as projects have been in the works. More than anything I am learning that sometimes I didn’t need to create more content, but trust that the space was good. I don’t want to write solely for the sake of writing and creating. It was a beautiful few weeks of rest and allowed for some hard questions to come to the surface. In the blogging world, there’s something about systems, productivity, and monetizing. It would be easy to dive head first into loads of work as a launch is quickly approaching. I look at bloggers that many have seen as making it. They’ve launched the podcast, have the book deals, and multiple apps. While that’s great and inspiring, it’s definitely not what I’m meant to do in this season. Instead, I chose to dive into the untamed moments. The moments of connection, early morning coffees, that provide depths and nuances of meaning to life. I’ve created alongside friends and am absolutely thrilled at the results that have come forth. I’ve found bonfires by the lake, my hands in soil, and fresh perspectives on this town of mine. It’s been amazing.

How do you find balance? What are the wild moments of life that you create and cultivate?

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