A Little Lassen Adventure

The day started unlike most weekdays. Coffee in tow, a great friend, intentionality, and a bit of adventure were the driving notes for the path we chose. It was a Friday where we shuffled things around and took a Friday off. Kelcy was my adventure friend for the day. Full of spontaneity, life, and kindness, we love long drives and find culture every time we spend together. It was time to adventure back to the stunning mountains that fill our daily horizon.

Located around 45 minutes away from Redding, we drove east toward Burney and visited Mt. Lassen. In the past, adventures on Lassen have looked like summits and intense hikes. This time, it was more about the drive. There’s something about getting out of Redding and being a local tourist for a day. Paired with my latte macchiato in hand and a great playlist, we hit the open road. Sunroof open, windows down, and messy hair embraced, the sun trickled in, as we headed to higher elevation, embracing the cooler weather and the reprieve from the hurried pace of the work week.

This day on Lassen it was intentionally different. Great conversations, connection, and the drive were apart of it. There was no goal, no outcome, and no plan in mind. We just wanted to explore a park and new parts of it.

We began our day by stopping by a meadow filled with wildflowers and a creek at the foot of Lassen. Here we found the joy of frolicking through a field, enjoying the cool breeze, and dipping our feet in the creek with clear, cold water from the snow runoff. With the mountain in the distance, we hopped back into the car and drove to our trailhead of choice.

We chose a simple hike around 1.5 miles and visited the hot springs and steam vents. It was a simple hike, offering stunning vistas of the valley, while keeping things a relaxed pace. After returning to the car, we drove to see bubbling pots (similar to what you might see at Yellowstone.)

As I drove in the car, I was reminded of the simplicity and beauty of life. There’s something about fighting for time for connection. It’s easy to fill up a calendar and lean on busyness to plow through a week. But at the end of the day, without those to celebrate the successes and the losses, those to share the ordinary moments of life, it can quickly feel devoid of meaning and purpose. On this day, laughter, joy, heartfelt talks, and beauty was abundant. It was easy.

Last week we talked about keeping your wild? How are you finding it? This fall what are the adventures you’re hoping to take?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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