Keeping Time


It’s a funny thing.

Measurement serving as the containers of moments. Moments that fill our days and find ourselves in a variety of situations. Time to go to work, to workout, to eat, to say grace, and to go to bed. It all is held and suspended in time. More than anything, they’re the containers that help us remember the moments. The moments where it felt as if time stood still and you were able to take it all in. When the one you love squeezes your hand, when your favorite little runs to greet you at the airport, when the summer breeze rolls in and you’re enjoying the first grilled food of the season, or when you know the voice that calls you, repeating over and over to remind you of your significance.

Sometimes time reminds you of the past and it spurs you on to the future. At the moment, things are marked by the artifacts and symbols that fill my day. In ten years, I may look back and laugh, at the hair styles and colors or the fashion, the overly minimalist white walls, and the repeated 90’s fashion. But these are the items that fill my day nonetheless.

My Giving Key necklace. Black skinnies. My Cluse watch. A Fossil fitness tracker. All topped off with an Aeropress latte.

Time is a rare thing for me. I used to hate keeping track of it. Longing to stay present I wore watches for the fashion statement, barely able to read the face, rather than waiting for the next minute or hour to arrive. (I believe I even had a watchface that read “Be Present” on it in script, to really drive the thought home.)

Then I entered this season and things became different. I wasn’t worried with how I spent the minutes of my days or the next thing. Instead, I was focused on the timing of things. When it comes to faith and living life well, I have one aim. I want to be found well, obedient, and faithful. The watch became a symbol for me. A simple reminder found on my wrist.

Timing will be found to be perfect.

Sometimes the right thing in the wrong season is still the wrong thing. I wear my watch to be reminded. It’s more than keeping time, tracking the seemingly innocuous and often mundane moments that fill our lives. It’s about the right timing.

Love the watch that measures my days and my steps? You can find the Cluse watch and my Fossil fitness tracker here.

What is your greatest obstacle when it comes to time?

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below.

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