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Happy May everyone!

(Cue all the JT memes here.) With May comes an ever present season of transition where I live. While I’m no longer a student, much of our town’s life operates on the school calendar. As I look to this month, it is a full one with some large projects, a bit of work travel, and some phenomenal launches after months of work.

I’m learning that achieving work/balance life in this season is more challenging than I could ever have imagined. At the beginning of the year, I sat down and made a list of “impossible dreams.” On this list there was one that stuck out to me in a BIG way. It was scaling my studio to agency by the end of the year. Little did I know, I would start doubling my revenue within a few weeks time. It’s been a wild ride. However, after 5 months of grinding it out, we’re hitting the numbers consistently that I had been praying about for years. (It’s huge for us and something that we’re beyond grateful for.) Rapid growth wasn’t something I initially expected and in many ways wasn’t as prepared for as I should have been. Its meant late nights, early mornings, and many weekends spend with an open computer. Last night, sitting in bed, I quickly realized, this May I’m ready for fun and adventure. That is why, I’m starting to prioritize rest and weekends. In a busy season, it’s absolutely vital and something I’ve neglected for a while.

To celebrate all things May- grab this month’s digital downloads below!

May Calendar Desktop (Click to Download):
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May Resolutions (Click to Download):
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Love is Always Enough Wallpaper (Click to Download):
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