Minimal Evergreen Wreath

One of my favorite parts of this year, is the ability to find seasonal decor right outside my door. Whether it means upcycling Trader Joe’s bags as gift wrap or foraging eucalyptus or pine for decorations, it’s the adventure and walks outside that add a bit more fun to this DIY. When it comes to living in Redding, it’s somewhat challenging to source craft supplies and floral, making being resourceful and utilizing the web all the more important.

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Minimal Evergreen Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need:

Rawhide Cord, Cut into 4 inch lengh
Foraged pine and holiday greenery
Floral wire
Wire cutters
3 inch wide green satin ribbon, 2 feet
Fabric Shears or sharp shears
Metal brass ring


Begin by taking your shears and clipping sprigs of pine. I go with shears in hand and a plastic bucket to collect everything I find on site. Usually clipping more than I could ever need, I’ll used the extras as I continue to deck the halls, adding a few fresh elements to Christmas decor each year. Begin by laying out your wreath, placing bunches of various pines in hand and using floral wire to wrap it together. Wire to the brass round. Where the bunches meet, tie a simple knot of ribbon. Find the top at the center and add a simple rawhide lace loop and knot at the top. Hang on your door and allow it to greet your guests with beautiful and simple holiday cheer!

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How do you make your wreaths? Any favorite tricks I should know?

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