Monday Words: Done is Better Than Perfect

Done is better than perfect. A common mantra seen on the halls of Instagram. I remember a few weeks ago a friend asked me to go do something. My immediate response, “I’ve never done that before.” She looked back at me and simply said, “And?” It was here that I quickly realized that my inner perfectionist had come into play again. Can I tell you something? The drive for perfection. It holds us all back. It brings the voice of resistance into our lives simply due to fear. The fear of trying and failing. So instead we try nothing at all, sitting on our couches at night watching Netflix, and wondering why we aren’t seeing something more.

This Monday, choose to create something. Start something. Unlock yourself to dream again. Because perfectionism will always be the enemy. The place where we stay common, boring, and fearful. Go get the things done today! I’ll be running alongside you!

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