Our new site is live!

Countless wireframes, 11 months of work, thousands of dollars of investment, and our new site is now live! Over the past few years, I knew I was beginning to hit the ceiling of my website. While I could serve up great daily content, it wasn’t user friendly and I found I couldn’t bring the best to you my site tour.

With every website and redesign there’s essential updates to be made. In college, my design professors taught me that it all starts with pen and paper. I headed to my sketchbook with Micron pens and a ruler in tow. Simply put: if you can’t execute your ideas on paper, it will be a challenge to execute them digitally. Wireframe after wireframe, and line upon line I dreamed big dreams for this space. Glisten & Grace was more than a blog, it needed to grow with me. What if it had a shop, templates for you to use in your business, pricing guides, e-courses, and physical products as well? Many of these dreams you can now find in person on this site.


A Site Tour (these are my features are favorite!): 

Archives that update immediately. Having quick access.

In the past, my site required manual archiving. It was a blogging chore that I frequently procrastinated on making posts challenging to find. With our new site, they automatically update with each post.

Finally- a search function.

Remember that recipe you loved? What about the dress for summer you have the budget to buy? Throughout the site there is an embedded search function to find your favorite posts.

Introducing the Shop.

We’ll dive more into the shop in the next few weeks. Instead of posts that highlight our favorites and can quickly get buried in single blog posts, we’ve built a shop of our curated finds. Past the feed, you’ll find collections perfect for your business and blogging needs, courses (Get VIP early access here), and additional product offerings. If you’re a guy, we’ve got you covered as well with our curated Shop for Him

Meet Styled Stock.

Over the years, I’ve quickly learned that having the time to build content libraries can be challenging. What do you do when you have multiple client deadlines and needed a blog post to go out hours ago? We’ve got you covered with Styled Stock. Exclusive stock photography collections, these images are stunning and can be used time and time again. We have an amazing collection available for free that you can grab. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

Freebies and Staying Up to Date with All Things Glisten & Grace: Subscribe.

We have produced loads of content. As we blog 5 days a week, it’s hard to keep up. We’ve launched a subscribe feature where you receive amazing exclusive content you’ll love (and never miss a post again.)

We hope you love our new site as much as we do. Make sure to grab all the freebies above and return tomorrow as we continue the digital launch party!






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