Before + After: Guest Bath

If you’ve seen our Instagram stories, you’ve seen this guy. With warm wooden tones, splashes of color, and thoughtful use of textures, this space was transformed on a small budget. We’re culminating the last Before + After of our home. Make sure to check out our Instagram for the full home tour.

Keep reading for the full before + after below! 

Fresh linens and textiles.

When it comes to a bathroom, there are two points of visual impact and moments of color within a space- the shower curtain and the rug. Lately I’ve been loving a vintage kilim rugs I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. When it came to affordable sourcing, I knew with both the dimensions and budget constraints I would need to find another option. I took to an amazing rug online that worked in the space (you can get it for $18 now). It brought a similar look to the space.  With linens, I wanted to neutralize it throughout adding white. To bring the organic pattern throughout, I selected a woven dot shower curtain. Trimmed with tassels, there are additional layers of softness breaking up the planes of the tub.

A bit of jewelry.

When it comes to a bathroom, the jewelry and moments of glamour are found in the hardware. I admittedly love the hardware found on Schoolhouse Electric. However, my budget definitely couldn’t afford their hardware. With a bit of sourcing online, I found a similar piece of hardware within my budget on Amazon. Unlike the kitchen cabinets, due to there being a simple front I was able to go more modern. I absolutely adore the square and modern finish.

Putting the Aaaah in Spa.

This is my first home where I have the space to myself. In previous bathroom, I shared it with two other roommates. While we had a weekly chore list, the shower was cleaned far less than any of us would like to admit. With this guest bath, I had one thing in mind- lavender baths. By choosing smart styling, I added moments that would bring relaxation and favorite scents throughout. Selecting warm wooden tones in the accessories, I added a wooden shelf as a bath ledge with a favorite book, candle, and sprig of dried flowers. To finish out the space, a beautiful dip dyed stool complete with a bowl of bath salts and pumice stone.




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Tasseled Shower Curtain | Bath Runner | Woven Handtowel | Hardware | Candle | Diffuser | Bath Salts | Bath Ledge | Bath stool | Soap Dispenser

Total price for the Before + After: $197.99

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