Once a brand is established there is still much to accomplish past the logo creation process. This is where I picked up with Joya Flags, taking an existing logo and updating it with fresh collateral. I wanted the brand to focus on users’ stories surrounding the product, where they become the hero. Located in Redding, CA, Joya had already reached the peak of their current market. As we developed a social media presence, we focused on telling stories that were universal and could be applied to both dance and theater, while encouraging adults to play.

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New Work in Portfolio: Joya Flags

The first phase of collateral created was a brand book and initial Instagram grid. This allowed the company to have strong driving lines and messaging from week to week- creating a community of followers who can’t wait to show us how they’re using the product.

Longing for the brand to start to feel representative of the location and exemplify the core values, the packaging for the adventure program needed to feel representative of the existing location of the business and the adventures the flags would go on. By using a kraft paper box and smart use of a label, the packaging is simple, clean, and evokes a modern, jet setting vibe.

Since then, our reach has expanded and we’re focusing on the digital marketing needs and in-person events to expand this community. Pieces have included building email lists, launching video content and strategy, talk decks, and workshop experiences.

Our next steps? Website updates, giving the best to the email list, and creating two stunning e-courses. It’s going to be a beautiful ride.

We are currently on-boarding clients for spring and summer of 2018. How can we serve your business with your branding and digital marketing needs?

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