Our Summer Reading List

Whether you’re someone who loves all things pooldays, or simply can’t wait to read on the beach for summer vacation, there’s nothing like a good book to keep you inspired, motivated, and learning. This year, we’re sharing our reading list- full of a variety of topics and books we can’t wait to try out for ourselves. Divided by category, these books are meant to jog your brain and give it the workout it’s been longing for. (We’re statistically becoming less focused, chaotic, and distracted due to our digital,instant age.) It’s time to embrace slow, flipping page by page.

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The Burden is Light by Jon Tyson
Recently hearing from Jon Tyson, I knew I wanted to hear more from him and decided to pick up his book. As someone who loves to achieve, pursuing goals, and dreams, this book focuses on the doing vs. being dichotomy within the church and how to navigate it in American society. Jon brings an articulate and highly educated voice to the church with strong knowledge of culture as he pastors a church in Times Square.

All That is Made by Alabaster Co.
Combining a few of their previous works, this book serves as short devotion and liturgical thoughts for the creative. Artful, poetic, and thoughtful, it dives into creativity and inspiration as a spiritual practice of the Christian faith. This book can easily be read in a sitting, but a prefer to digest it slowly.

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney
Sitting down with women from many journeys, backgrounds, and areas of the country, this book by Grace Bonney, formerly of Design Sponge is perfect poolside reading and a coffee table book to enjoy for years to come.

The Peach Truck Cookbook
Currently available for pre-order, the famed Peach Truck, releases these recipes with their signature flagstone peaches. There’s nothing like peach season and this family farm (with owners from my alma mater) brings the best flavors to the table. If you’ve been around Nashville for any period of time, you already know and love The Peach Truck. If you live in Kentucky, make sure to check out their tour among local farmers markets this summer or simply order their book + peaches from an online shop.

Salt Acid Fat Heat
Highlighting the four essential elements to cooking, there’s nothing like this book for the foodie. Paired with a master class, you’ll be sure to be making the best recipes all summer long.

Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
The state of racism in our country and the tension that has run deep for centuries continues to surface. It isn’t going away and needs to be addressed. While racial reconciliation is a broad topic with multiple facets, this book is a great place to start in educating yourself and those around you.

The Art of Loading Brush
Famed Kentucky author, Wendell Berry, with thoughts on agriculture, care, and a simplistic life. In this work, it serves as a collection of stories, poems, and essays. For any foodie or lover of nature, reading a work by Wendell Berry, while adventuring through national parks by far only seems accurate and perfect in essence.

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