Remembering your Why

It’s the first rays of light this Friday morning. After a full week of serving clients, deadlines, and late nights, I find the stillness of morning and here I sit. Cup of coffee in hand, hat on, and typing, hoping my words will impact and inspire your life. When I started Glisten and Grace over 4 years ago, it was a dream on my heart to have a place that inspired, brought life and joy, and served as a creative outlet. It was my hope for others to find purpose and beauty in the ordinary and simple moments that filled their days.

With the start means, many new things for this space. However, can I tell you something? Our Why has never changed.

Direct from the about page. Here’s my Why.

Over the years I have learned that living well takes practice and loads of intentionality. In the land of perfect images and a constant influx of perfectionism, I thought an honest approach to a simple and beautiful life is much needed. There’s something about looking at our flaws, finding beauty in the imperfections, and realizing we are all perfectly imperfect. It’s with this grace that I build and curate a life I love. There’s incredible beauty in acknowledging where we are, learning lessons, and moving forward.

So here’s to embracing our little quirks, nuances, details, and the incredibly mundane moments. And here’s to permitting ourselves the grace for improvement, dreaming dreams again, taking little steps forward, stargazing, beautiful conversations, great cups of coffee, midnight dance parties, big bear hugs, and savoring the small, seemingly ordinary moments that provide purpose and meaning to our lives.

Here’s why I revisit it (and if you manage a brand why you should as well):

In the midst of a week like this one, it’s easy to forget the purpose behind it all. In the world of blogging, there’s always someone doing something better. Voices of comparison or feeling that I should be further along, have more sponsored content, completed courses months ago, or built a team faster come pouring in. However, at the end of the day, that’s not why this space started.

I’ve learned I need to give grace to myself. Over and over again. For the moments when things are far less than I expected of myself. If you’re a brand, revisit your why and revisit it often. Let it be the driving line for you what you do and don’t do. Choose powerful yeses and equally powerful nos.

Here are few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is my why?
  • How does this impact the story I tell?
  • Is this still the purpose and message of my brand?
  • Where have I strayed from the course?
  • Are there ways I can reemphasize my purpose through products, services, content, or offerings?


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