Saving Money with Groupon

Last month, I spent a week living off of nothing. While that was an interesting challenge in and of itself, I’ve found that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of saving money. Whether it’s a reward card for coffee or using a coupon to save on items for the home from a big box store, removing excess and simplifying life. Regardless of the means, I love saving money. There’s something about finding a great deal or find on a sale rack that still gets me excited. Last year when building out my kitchen, I saved $100 at a single store using coupons. This year you will finding me doing the same. Around our house I’m known to be the coupon queen. I’m definitely not someone worthy of a feature on that ever popular cable TV show or having a stockpile. I recently discovered that Groupon now features some great coupons.

Here are 4 tips for saving even more money with coupons.

Rather than buying into hype, I keep my spending slim by only using coupons where I’m already spending money.

I love purchasing clothing from J. Crew and makeup from Sephora. Makeup and classic pieces are necessities to maintaining the creative professional look I love to rock throughout the week. Whether it’s a favorite eatery, coffee shop, or home decor store, I make sure to only purchase items where I truly have a need. If not, I’m not actually saving money.

Clip only what you know you will use.

I’m all about keeping life simple, so that means less of a paper trail. (I absolutely hate clutter.) I only clip paper coupons for places I know I will use before the expiration date. These stay in a small simple file in my bag. This way I never have to plan ahead when going shopping, making a list, and grabbing coupons. They’re always on hand.

Go past the traditional methods of clipping coupons.

When using big box stores that feature digital coupons or apps, I step to the side and look through apps for any additional savings I can find before heading to the checkout aisle. Groupon coupons can be stored on your phone and easily accessed for any in-store purchases. There are also retailers that include text offers throughout the store, peppering additional savings throughout. Make sure to check these offers as they provide savings that can be stacked with digital and paper coupons, providing huge savings.

Check before you book.

Who doesn’t love to save money when it comes to traveling? I love balancing saving and splurging when traveling. I’m always out to find great deals when booking accommodations, flights, and rental cars. (These seem to be both the greatest expense with traveling and the place where you can save the most.) Once I have my feet on the ground, I splurge on things like shopping, food, drink, and coffee to understand the local flavors and vibe of the city. When you travel, think about the additional expenses you may have past flights. Using coupons is a great way to save. From hotels to rental cars, make sure to check before booking deals online.

With a few mindful steps, you can save loads. What are some of the ways you save?

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