A Spring Dinner Party: Whole 30 Approved

March is a month of strong contrast. Rainy, cloudy days yield themselves to fresh blooms, sun beams, and morning light. Golden hours return with welcome arms. In honor of the spring season, we decided to host another dinner party inspired by the whole30. With three courses, this menu provides fresh spring and seasonal ingredients. Inspired by green herbs, asparagus, lamb, and citrus. Today we’re providing an overview of the dinner, menu, and ways to shop our table. Tomorrow, we’ll begin posting the recipes.

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The Menu

Lamb Skewers with Dried Apricots and Balsamic Glaze

Cauliflower Rice with Lemon and Fresh Herbs

Oven Roasted Asparagus Spears with Lemon, Olive Oil, and Minced Garlic

Coconut Cacao Mousse with Fresh Berries and Mint

The Table

Inspired by light and sunlight filled days, we set the table with a classic white linen tablecloth. Paired with a chambray napkin, it’s an updated take on a classic casual setting. I purchased these items a few months ago before the winter holiday season and absolutely love these basics for the table. They’re timeless and a great place to start your linen collection. I purchased mine from H&M Home, (yes, they have a home line) and have loved the value and quality of product for the price I paid. For this table, I filled vases of pink and purple wildflowers, anchored by white hydrangea and roses. The rest of the table was finished with classic silverware, white plates, and beautiful wine glasses. (I got these from Crate and Barrel for Christmas and absolutely love them.)

Come back tomorrow as we share the full recipes!




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