Styled: A Calligraphy Workshop

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m beyond excited to share this content with everyone. Last weekend, I teamed up with Double Dipped Calligraphy to style a calligraphy workshop. I love learning and teaming up with Stephanie to host this workshop was great. Hosted at WORK in Downtown Redding, kept the vibe cool and modern. Using the classic ink and nib style of calligraphy, Stephanie delighted us with her knowledge and technique. She has been creating custom calligraphy and prints for 4 years, after discovering the craft for her wedding. Make sure to check her out here!

The Inspiration
Remember yesterday’s post? When we began styling this workshop, we wanted to play off of this fall trend we both had been loving. Bring on the copper, wood, and emerald greens! Using organic elements and a pops of copper, we styled this workshop out with white florals and greenery creating a beautiful and simple statement down the length of the table.

The Flowers
Our workshop was intimate and we didn’t want any flowers to get in the way on anyone’s workspace. Keeping the palette shades of ivory and greenery, it was the perfect backdrop for the wooden texture of the table and the pop of copper. For the vessels I used a vintage copper strainer, weathered creamer cup, and the bright copper of two moscow mule mugs, I had sourced previously. To keep these low lying arrangements in place, I used a great trick. Add water to the vessels. Then add a tape grid on top. This will allow the flowers to stay in place and blooms to look fuller. For this arrangement, I chose ivory stock, roses with greenery, white freesia. The smell of these flowers together was divine. I laid the assorted greenery in a line down the center of the table, leaving plenty of workspace for all the workshop attendees. We purchased all of our flowers in bunches from Trader Joe’s and picked them up the day before the event. This is a common trick I have. Did you know you can select colors and quantities of flowers from TJ for an event? You completely can. Whether it is a formal dinner party for 3 or 70, this tip has been a lifesaver for so many events. (Do yourself a favor and go introduce yourself to the person in charge of the floral department at Trader Joe’s. You’ll thank me later.)

The Setup
We used our favorite modern plastic molded chairs in a variety of neutral shade. (The clear chair is still my favorite.) Pushing two six foot tables together, allowed for one long and continuous surface for everyone to be seated together and an intimate setting. Across the space, we had a station set up for Stephanie to teach attendees her techniques and the basics to modern calligraphy. To protect the tables from ink and scratches, we opted to place a layer of kraft paper on the tables. It remained neutral and smoothed out the surface of the tables we had in the space. For snacks, we picked up a dozen doughnut holes and had some fresh pour overs from our friends at Heritage Coffee. Brain fuel for a few hours of learning on a Saturday morning.

The Details
Stephanie’s husband created these beautiful copper leaf ink well holders. With a bit of copper leaf on each it played on our color theme for the morning. She also taught us about mixing the most beautiful copper ink. (She makes her own ink colors and shared her technique, providing samples of different custom coppers and gold inks she had made for clients.)  Each attendee came into the workshop and was greeted by a sweet name tag in our favorite copper ink, attached to their pen handle.

Hope you enjoyed all the details of this event and a big thank you to everyone who spent the morning at the workshop. I loved doing the styling for it!

Local and interested in hosting an event or workshop at WORK? Contact us here. We’d love to collaborate with you!

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