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The past three months have been full. Full of transition. Full of lessons, both good and ones that are hard to learn. More than anything really, really good things have led to a frantic pace. It has also meant sacrifice and being unable to show up in other areas of life. The pace of life has come at tremendous cost. The hustle of starting a storefront, returning to school, transitioning roommates, and on boarding clients, has been more than I could often manage. (Also, with this month brings a lighter load, as our space is event-free and I’m super thankful for a bit more space to focus on other areas in life.) In stressful seasons, it’s super easy for me to neglect self care and loving myself. With the addition of school, has returned a stronger routine to my days, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I’m finding I’m getting more done in less time, which is always a welcome change and am rebuilding day by day. More than anything, I’m bringing back routine that fills my morning and keeps me anchored throughout the day.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned in regaining self-care from three months of non-stop hustle.

Take breaks.

Your days aren’t meant to be marathons. Find time throughout the day to stop and take breaks. If you haven’t actually sat down to eat in hours, here’s a great place to start. I’ve started building in small increments between tasks. It allows me margins of time to reset, refocus, and relax a bit, giving the best version of myself to others. Right now that means planning in 10 minutes to decompress from a full morning at the workspace before I head into six hours of class. I take in the mountain view, set my heart and mind to engage the material for the school day, and take a few deep breaths. I find my solace away from the crowd and unwind from the workday before moving forward unto my next responsibilities, that often use a different part of my brain.

Afford yourself a few luxuries throughout the crazy.

That manicure that helps you relax and makes you feel awesome for photo shoots (Particularly photos holding coffee cups and food)? Do it. The massage to that eases your body? Go for it. I budget in small luxuries every few months, easing back pain and posture from working at a desk and hunching over a computer all day. In addition to working out, this keeps my body in great shape as I go throughout the day, keeping muscles flexible and loosened up. It’s something I have to budget for but look forward to. With the help of Groupon deals, it keeps the cost low, while taking care of yourself.

Start early.

My self-care routine begins around 6:30 in the morning. While it’s early, I start my morning with a great workout, rotating circuits, free weights, and cardio. Once I’m done, I make my favorite coffee drink, a latte macchiato on my Aeropress. I then sit down and refuel my spirit. For me, (I’m a Christian), this means spending time journaling, in prayer, and reading a favorite devotional. After around 30 minutes, I head upstairs and get ready for the day.

Sometimes you are what you eat.

With long days, between work and school around 12-14 hours, having good nutrition throughout the day is super important. This means loading up on protein, whole grains, veggies, and fruit. I begin the day with nonfat, organic Greek yogurt, topped with strawberries, and granola. For lunch, I’ve been loving greek salads. To build them out I add hummus, lentils, feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, leaves of fresh mint, and olives. (I could snack on olives almost everyday.) It’s a favorite and a great balance of protein and veggies. For a late afternoon snack, I have raw almonds and an organic apple. If I’m looking for a boost in the afternoon, I might have an additional cold brew or La Croix. With these staple items of nutrition and a bit of planning, I have plenty of energy to last the whole day.

What are some of the things you do for self care?

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