Tasting Tour: Pike Place Market

Seattle. A place that has won my heart. On a recent trip, I headed to one of my favorite spots, the iconic Pike Place Market. When I head to the market, I make sure to go hungry! It’s so fun to try different places throughout the market. Go with a group and grab a few small bites as you go.

Keep on reading for my top picks for this tasting tour!


Stop one: The Crumpet Shop

Stop in and treat yourself to a crumpet and a latte. I always go with something a bit more exotic as my topping and order the organic lemon curd and ricotta cheese. All of the crumpets here are incredible. If you’re going for something a bit simpler, I recommend the organic honey and butter crumpet. Having a girls day? We made it a bit more fun by ordering coffee and tea all around and having a tea party with my niece. She loved it!


Stop two: The Flying Fish

Everytime you go to Seattle, this image pops in your head. Make sure to stop here and pick up a few bites of the dungeness crab cocktail. Who knows? There might even be a song and dance over your head while you order. Watch out for the thrown salmon!


Stop three: MarketSpice

Out of all the spots in the market, this store is my absolute favorite. Filled with every spice, coffee, and loose leaf tea imaginable. The best part? They buy their spices direct from the source, making prices incredibly affordable. Stock up and make sure to buy some of their signature Marketspice Roobios tea. With notes of orange and cinnamon, it’s like autumn in a cup.


Stop four: Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

With cheese curds and a signature flagship cheese, Beecher’s specializes in a cow’s milk cheese that is aged for 15 months. With a robust and nutty flavor, it is unlike any cheese you’ve had. Make sure to grab a few samples and if you’re in the mood for something a bit richer try their world famous Mac & Cheese.


Stop five: Rachel’s Ginger Beer

This was a first for me and has become a favorite. I love Ginger Beer and after all the walking around you’ll do, a refreshing drink is in order. Made at their location in Seattle, Rachel’s Ginger Beer offers a variety of flavors as well as their classic Ginger Beer soda. It was incredible, robust, and delicious. Grab a glass, while you wait in line for chowder from Pike Place Chowder Company, because that line is crazy long and you’ll want something to sip on. You’ll thank me later.

Until next time Seattle!

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