Toast with Cherry, Yogurt, and Honeycomb

This week we’re in Washington. After a few stops to get fresh produce in the neighborhood, I knew I wanted to share this delicious take on a breakfast toast. At this point, toast has grown in popularity and can be found at any cafe. Paired with a Gibraltar or Capp, it’s filling, looks stunning, and takes minimal prep. Previously, we’ve hopped on the toasts bandwagon with berries, cheeses, and sweet and savory options. With this toast, we’re focusing on flavor pairings highlighting simple yet stunning ingredients. From the freshly picked Washington cherries to the locally sourced sourdough, honey, and honeycomb, it’s the perfect summer topping from your toast.

Keep reading for the full recipe prep after the jump!

Toast with Cherries, Yogurt, and Honeycomb

Total prep time: 5 minutes

* Sourdough loaf
* Honey and honeycomb
* Cherries
* Whole milk organic Greek yogurt

Begin by slicing sourdough loaf with a serrated knife. Cut into 1 inch thick slices. Place in toaster and toast to your preference (we love a slightly golden brown with bread warmed through). Using a straw pit cherries (curious how to do it? watch this YouTube video) and then slice in half. Put toast on place and using the back of a large spoon spread on toast (much like an icing). Add a mound of cherries. To finish drizzle honey on top and as a final moment of crunch add the honeycomb.

Cheers and happy brunch from Seattle!

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