Designer Resolutions: I Will Charge for Every Hour I Work

Today we’re continuing the Designer Resolutions series. It’s a passion project we’ve loved dipping into over the past months and one that always sparks a conversation. For service based creatives, we often fall short when it comes to administration and the business side of things. Whether it’s the idea of remote work and the freedom it brings, not communicating good boundaries to others, or simply client education in the process, we can often drop the ball when it comes to systems in our business. Over the past few months, we’ve chosen to be deliberate in upleveling our systems as a company. For us, to remain profitable and scalable, time tracking has become vital. It allows for clear and sustainable measures of output needed within an agency. Our biggest takeaway? Creativity thrives when discipline and systems persist. In light of this, we’ve created this resolution “I Will Charge for Every Hour I Work.”
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