Wednesday Words

“It is not about what is, it is about what it can become.” -Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

There’s something about possibility. You can smell when it abounds. You meet the person with a new idea, a new strategy, and you find that when they tell you their story, they don’t see the obstacles, but instead are excited and eager to see what can become of it. Their small idea, soaked in possibility.

On this Wednesday, I’m reminded that in the midst of routine, the seemingly innocuous moments of my day, that there is something beautiful being created. If I looked at the small details, the places where dreams have been written on my heart, but not yet fully realized, it would be easy to become overwhelmed, and discouraged. But instead, I look at all of these moments as stakes in the ground, moments where creativity, hope, and love are incubating at the perfect time. They’re waiting for the audacious moment where they can explode to the forefront, be seen on pages, and platforms. I look at these little seedlings of hopes and dreams, of creativity, and am incredibly excited for what they can become.

I don’t know what it is for you. Maybe it’s the dream that keeps you up at night. Maybe it keeps you going back to the 9-5 job until you have enough money and side hustle to move forward. Maybe it’s the hope of being your own boss or maybe it’s the dream of having your own studio, being able to travel, or care for your family within the parameters of your own schedule. Whatever that dream is, I believe in you. No idea, no dream is crazy. The little idea, it’s growing, getting roots, and is soaked with possibility. For it’s not about what is, it is about what it can become.

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