5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

“I spent thousands of dollars and no one comes to my site. When they do, they aren’t spending any money.” I’ve heard it time and time again. How do you turn website traffic, both through organic and paid advertising, into actual dollars, clients, and profit for your business?

Most people don’t take time to know their customer as the hero of their story.

When I go to many websites, I take a quick read through the copy. The biggest mistake? As business owners write and determine the narrative for their copy, the mistakes are glaring. I can’t tell what they sell, who they are, or who their customer is? Bottom line: your customer is the hero of your brand.

Tell a compelling story and present something your client can’t refuse.

Storytelling marketing isn’t going away. By using Instagram and Facebook as primary channels for celebrating and sharing the stories of your customers, your audience will begin to see themselves within your brand. As brand loyalty rises, you have already informed their purchasing patterns (often as a lifetime user) before they have ever spent a single dollar.

Pro tip: most users have at least 7 touch points with a brand prior to ever making a purchase. This means every interaction and touch point is important. Whether it’s an in person connection, engagement on social, or the generosity of an email opt-in, treat your potential customers as if they are already paying, raving customers.

Know the patterns of your audience.

Whether it’s purchasing patterns, the way they use an app, or how they read a website, by working with the general patterns of an audience, you’ll be able to build stronger funnels and increase your conversions.

Use the psychology of color within your visual brand.

We get it. Soft palettes, taupes, and millennial pinks are rampant in the online space. However, do they lend to the psychology of color? Think through contrast, tension, and visual elements that create stops and implicit breaks for the user.

Case study: Using the principle of contrast, I simply changed a email-pop up form on my site from a white overlay to black. Because it has strong visual contrast from the rest of my site, it creates an immediate choice for the reader when arriving to my site. The result? My email list has grown 30% within one week simply by changing the color and providing a clear call to action.

Diversify and tier your offerings when your audience has asked for them. (Too many sales funnels = confusion and no action/sales)

With so many entrepreneurs in the online space, there’s the temptation to tier out your offerings prior to a substantive need for it. While passive income is amazing and great for scaling a business, I encourage you to become a master of your craft and have one clear call to action at a time. Think through your year and offerings strategically. Then ask yourself, how you plan to scale once you are an expert in that specific area.

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