Designer Resolutions: Bookkeeping and Taxes

There’s parts of the entrepreneur life that I dare to say NO ONE likes. While seeing revenue numbers jump is a great and welcome sight, when it comes to tax season everyone lets out a proverbial goan. I get it, we love to focus on the creating and completing projects for clients over the functioning of an inner working of a business. The project management, administration, emails, generating leads, and closing sales is a lot already. This resolution is inspired by the thing I tell myself every tax season. (And will remind myself of this Saturday as I go through stacks upon stacks of receipts.)

Are you an creative looking for some resources to get started?

  • We use a simple excel sheet to track incoming revenue, CRM, and time tracking. It’s simple and works for the current scale of our business.
  • MileIQ. Every time you drive, it records it and stores a downloadable record (that you can send directly to your CPA). Use this app to track your mileage quickly and simply.
  • Find a good accountant. Seriously. Accountants are worth their weight in pure gold. Find a person who knows how to work with small business owners, creatives, and who can handle processing loads of deductions.
  • Looking to know what is legal deductions and what is not? Trying to figure out if booking a spot in that mastermind or going to the next conference is worth it. My friends at the Fresh Exchange wrote a phenomenal article on just this that is worth the 5 minute read.

Here’s to an amazing tax season! We’ve got this.

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