Deck the Halls: 5 Ways to Add Cheer on a Budget

To decorate or not to decorate? To buy all the things or to pair back? These are simple and common questions during the holidays, particularly if you’re flying solo and traveling to family for the big event. For me, a bit of holiday cheer is worth it. Whether you’re planning on investing in a tree or not, these are a 5 of our favorite ways to bring holiday flair to your decor without breaking the bank.

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Deck the Halls: 5 Ways to Add Cheer on a Budget

1. Battery operated fairy lights.

When in doubt, buy fairy lights. Strung on simple copper wire, battery operated, and warm white, we love using these through both the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. You can pick them up from the dollar spot at Target and they’re hands down worth it. By adding the lights throughout your home, there’s a soft seasonal glow without loads of investment.

2. Go foraging.

Whether you take the time to buy a tree or not, go for a walk and look for down pine boughs, eucalyptus, birch branches, rosemary, waxed magnolia, and berries. These will be lovely additions to your holiday decor and with a bit of effort can make for stunning garlands, wreaths, table runners, or moments on a ledge/mantle. This year, we opted to use a blanket ladder paired with fresh garland to function as a place for stockings and a bit of holiday cheer.

3. Say it with bulbs.

While you can spend a lot on bulbs, you can find great ones in dollar spots, on discount and through Amazon alike. By hanging bulbs on fishing line, from greenery, or simply placing them on a tray, you have immediate color, shimmer, and glitz without loads of expense. To keep things cohesive, we choose a simple color palette for our spaces and only use white lights. This year was a gold, copper, blush, and white tree. It’s classy, elegant, and most definitely feminine.

4. Add holiday flair to existing decor.

Change out your standard glasses for stemmed wine glasses. Add thrifted brass candlesticks. Use stationary for intentional touches on the table. Fill vases, ledges, and collections with greenery. Break out the thick, fuzzy blankets and cozy wool throw pillows. Use your galvanized drink tubs as the covering for your tree stand. Wrap a scarf or throw around a tree base instead of purchasing a tree skirt.

5. When in doubt, light the candles and turn on the fireplace (even if it’s on Netflix). 

There’s nothing like a Netflix fireplace video, candles, and fairy lights to bring loads of cheer. (We love candles and use them instead of a fireplace.) Break out some of your holiday records, playlists, and classics for cozy nights in.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite, affordable hacks for holiday decor? Do you mix it up or keep things the same from year to year?

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