Happy Hour: 5 Spring Cocktails

March is here and it’s crazy to think that spring is just around the corner. As I write this NorCal has found itself in months of rain. Are we ready for the sunshine and spring weather over here? You bet. In honor of the spring months, these are a few of our favorite cocktails. Fresh, filled with herbs, and the abundance of citrus, there’s a perfect recipe for all the gatherings this weekend. (Or let’s be honest, to simply pair with some takeout.)

Keep reading for the full recipes after the jump!

Blood Orange Old Fashioned

Replacing the standard citrus and amaretto sours with blood oranges, this take on the old fashioned is not only visually stunning, but equally delicious. To finish the drink out, is a sprig of rosemary and simple syrup. (We’re making this one over the course of the weekend!)

blood orange margaritas
Mixology: Blood Orange Margaritas

Blood Orange Margarita

It’s no secret that we love blood oranges. Stunning in both color, flavor, and their distinct sweetness we can’t get enough of them during winter citrus season. They also make a stunning addition to a margarita and this is our go-to recipe.

basil gin lemonade

Basil Gin Lemonade

When I first moved to NorCal, I had this cocktail at a restaurant, overlooking the river, with the mountains at sunset. With the summer heat, this was perfectly refreshing, a balance of sweet and sour, complete with a clean finish.

winter citrus sangria
Winter Citrus Sangria

Citrus Mint Sangria

Perfect for a crowd, this sangria uses a simple syrup, orange juice, and fresh herbs. Utilizing two buck chuck and a bit of vermouth, it stretches a dollar while still offering a delicious cocktail for everyone.

kentucky mule
Mixology: The Kentucky Mule

Kentucky Mule

Using fresh mint, lime, and ginger beer this is an updated take on a classic moscow mule. Crisp and refreshing, it’s the perfect way to say cheers. (You bet we’ll be serving it in a copper mug.)

Cheers to an amazing weekend everyone!

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