DIY Book Page Runner

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For this year’s Thanksgiving tablescape, I wanted to feature the wood of the table and a rustic runner. In the past my go-to material has been using burlap; however, this time I opted for something that felt a bit more special. Using only three items, I created this table runner. My favorite part-I used items I had on hand so it was free!


  • Kraft paper
  • Old books
  • Gluesticks


Determine the length and width of table runner you desire. Measure and trim the kraft paper to according dimensions. I wanted my runner to kiss the seat of the chairs at the heads of the table.

book page runner 2

Next tear out the pages from a book. I used an old book that was ready for the trash and had no plans of reading. Crank up the music and get to gluing! I placed my book pages going off the edges, making it look as if the pages were flowing out toward the ends. This causes there to be movement throughout the runner. Brilliant! Now you’re done. Sit back and pat yourself on the back. You’ve just made an amazing Thanksgiving table!

table runner 3

Want to see how the table looks together? Click here.

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