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Pairing color with stunning imagery, handcrafted watercolors, collage styling, chapter pages, and effortless type setting, it was an absolute joy to bring Heather Kreiser’s first guided journal from Google Drive to life. In the 100 pages, the type setting embraced white space, while keeping things playful and feminine.

Keep reading for the full design process and the backstory behind this project that was 7 years in the making!

embrace the mystery book 2

The design

When I first sat down with Heather, I asked her who she was designing the book for. As someone who has been around faith for many years, her response was quick. Her reply, “Women who long to know more of God and don’t know where to start. I want them to know the Holy Spirit, his person and power, unlike ever before.” With this in mind, we wanted to create something stunning that provided an experience for the user. Starting with the cover, playing with the idea of veiled and unveiled, the image draws you in through a use of deliberate type and an  organic line that is used throughout the book. Inside, pages unfold revealing color, hand lettered type, and a grid that plays with a repeated element of squares. But more than anything, there’s the conscious white space of a journal, grafting margin for the woman’s story to intersect line by line as her pen flows.

Designing every element and page of this journal, there is a deeper story. Previously working with students in Kentucky, the message and even phrases about the nature and person of the Holy Spirit have been years in the making. Sitting in the room above the garage, we spent hours pouring over interactive journals page by page. In the process, these dear ones were transformed. It was the best legacy in their Senior Year of High School, I could give them, as they learned how to hear from God for themselves. Little did I know that 7 years later, I would be able to partner with Heather and breathe life into a design surrounding the subject of the Holy Spirit. It is my hope that similar transformation and encounter happens as women interact with this journal.

Check out Heather’s journal on the Holy Spirit and pick up a copy on Amazon today, it’s official launch day!

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